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Julie Steelman :: Through My Iris Artist, Photographer

Welcome to and thank you for being curious enough to discover who I am and what this site is about.

My name is Julie Steelman and I am a recovered corporate sales dynamo.  I earned my way out of the working world years ago and retired to Hawaii with my husband at a young age.  Too young to retire?  Nah.  Isn’t that when you are supposed to do it?  When you can enjoy it?  Yep.

The story that started it all….

I did some business coaching for women entrepreneur’s the first few years I was retired.  I felt the need to help women learn the profitable secrets of big business.  While that was gratifying it wasn’t soul-satisfying. So I kept searching for a vocation that held more meaning for me. I had always wanted to be an artist from a very young age.  (And a veterinarian or marine biologist.)

In May of 2012, my beloved husband unexpectedly and suddenly made his transition.  As I walk through my raw journey of deep grief and tremendous loss, the less I can engage in anything that doesn’t speak to my Soul.  Basically, my bullshit buffer is gone.

My artist’s journey started on a warm January night in Grand Turk (in the Caribbean) when an ancient dive master told me to put on my snorkel gear and quietly enter the water.  As the sun was setting and the moon was rising over the Ocean, what I was about to witness would change me forever.

Four Bottle-Nose Dolphins were mating.  The male would select one of the three females and rub against her.  She would ascend to the surface, take a breath and turn on her back.

As she floated down, the other females would cradle and support her. (Imagine!)  The male would gently approach and do his business.  They were so gentle and graceful with each other, I was mesmerized.  I knew I was witnessing one of those once-in-a-lifetime-national-geographic moments that would stay etched in my memory forever.

Instantly I knew with every fiber of my being I wanted to be able to capture the sacred beauty of animals.  As soon as I returned home, I bought my first camera and underwater housing.  That camera purchase, through an incredible story of synchronicity, lead me to my husband.  Funny how one amazing life experience leads to another?

It turns out he was a scuba diver and underwater photographer, too.  We spent a great deal of our time globetrotting and adventuring around the world together.  We went to Africa many times and had the time of our life.

The more of the world’s animals I saw, the more I experienced this feeling of heavenly bliss.  I couldn’t replicate that feeling any other way so I kept pursuing it.  I found my touchstone for inner happiness by being around the animals and witnessing their majesty through the lens of a camera.


Regan Steelman :: Father, Husband, Friend, Photograher

My husband Regan used to say, “Nature Is My God”.  As a way of honoring him, honoring us, and honoring that which is sacred to me, I decided to share what I see…..through my iris.

As part of my healing process, it is now my quest to experience heaven on earth through my camera lens and share it with you.  If you would like to join me, I invite you to look through my iris and picture heaven on earth with me.

May Peace Be With You Always, All Ways.

Julie Steelman
Julie Steelman